Resources for everything account-related: Managing billing details, inviting team members, security info, and more.

Account settings

Changing Your Email Address and Password Manage your user profile, email address, and update your password on the Your Profile page.

Managing Account Settings Manage your company’s info and team members on the Account Settings page.

Managing Your Stitch API Keys Manage your Stitch API access keys.

Managing Stitch Partner Account Access View and manage the Stitch partners you have authorized to access your Stitch account.

Team members

Managing Team Members Invite your team members to collaborate in Stitch. When someone leaves your company, learn how to remove them from your account.


Notifications Overview and Reference Learn about how in-app and email notifications work in Stitch.

Extending Email Notifications Using the Custom notification list feature, extend Stitch’s email notifications to external services like PagerDuty, Datadog, and Slack.

Managing Notification Content for HIPAA Compliance Suppress plain-text error messages in email notifications as part of making your Stitch account HIPAA-compliant.

Automating Post-Load Processing Using Webhooks Automate your post-load processing functions using the Post-load webhooks notification feature. With Post-load notifications, you can configure a webhook to fire each time Stitch loads data into your destination.

Integrating Stitch Notifications with PagerDuty Integrate Stitch notifications with PagerDuty using Stitch’s Custom email notification list feature.

Integrating Stitch Notifications with Datadog Integrate Stitch notifications with Datadog using Stitch’s Custom email notification list feature.

Integrating Stitch Notifications with Slack Integrate Stitch notifications with Slack using Stitch’s Custom email notification list feature.


Understanding and Reducing Your Row Usage Learn the basics of Stitch billing, how to view & understand your usage, and keep your row count low.

Billing FAQ Learn how to manage and change your Stitch subscription plan, enter payment details, view invoices, and cancel your account.

Canceling Your Stitch Account If you decide Stitch isn’t for you, here’s what you need to do to cancel your account.


Data Encryption Stitch offers secure options for making connections to all data sources and destinations, giving you the power to secure your data as you see fit.

Security FAQ We take securing your data seriously. Here’s what we do to ensure that your private data stays private and our recommended best practices for protecting your data.